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Additional fees have been applied to my SWIFT transfer

Your account allows you to receive transfers in SWIFT format (only in Euros and from countries within the European Economic Area).

However, unlike SEPA transfers, additional fees may apply. When the sender of the SWIFT transfer (e.g. your customer) schedules it, his bank offers him three pricing options:

  • The SHA (shared) option: the additional charges are shared between you and the sender of the transfer. The part of the fees that you pay will be debited from your account when the transfer arrives. Please, note that this option is generally applied by default.
  • BEN (beneficiary) option: you will pay the full amount of the additional fees that will be debited from your account when the transfer arrives.
  • OUR (sender) option: you will not pay any additional fees, they will be entirely borne by the sender of the transfer. We therefore advise you to ask the sender of the transfer to choose this option to ensure that you receive the agreed amount without any additional fees.

Important information: Whenever possible, we encourage you to use the SEPA transfer format instead of SWIFT, which does not incur any additional fees.

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