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My IBAN has been refused, what can I do?

Sogexia is a payment institution located in Luxembourg. Therefore, we have to assign a Luxembourg IBAN to your account, starting with the letters “LU”.

Usually, this is not a problem and all your debtors should accept this IBAN.

However, we have noticed that some organizations, merchants or employers refuse to accept foreign IBAN (which don’t start with the letters “FR”).  

We prefer to believe that is not voluntary and that they have been misguided or that their IT systems haven’t been updated properly and as such don’t accept foreign IBANs. Because refusing an IBAN from a country belonging to the SEPA zone (as it is the case of Luxembourg) is a violation of the law and is forbidden. All merchants, organizations and employers based in the SEPA zone have to accept IBANs from any country of the SEPA zone.

Hence, if you encounter this problem, don’t hesitate to remind your debtor of the existing legislation so that they can take the appropriate measures and accept your IBAN without delay.

 * the legislation forbidding IBAN discrimination is available on the following page:

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