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What is a "pending" transaction?

Card transactions (payments and withdrawals) are debited in real-time from your account, as soon as the authorisation request from the merchant or ATM is received by our system.

When a transaction is made, the "pending" icon: is displayed immediately next to its amount within the transaction history of your account.


A transaction is marked as "pending" until our system receives the confirmation message from the merchant or ATM which follows the authorisation request.

It can take between 1 and 30 days maximum until we receive the confirmation message.

Upon reception, the transaction is confirmed and this icon removed.

After this time if we haven't received any confirmation, the transaction will be automatically cancelled and your account credited back.

Warning: The amount of a "pending" transaction is not final and can therefore change once the confirmation message is received (e.g. if there is a variation of the exchange rate when a payment in another currency is made, presentment for a partial amount, etc.).


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