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Is my card 3D Secure enabled? How does it work?

Your Sogexia card is indeed 3D Secure enabled.

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure improves the security of your card online purchases by adding a verification step before payment approval. This ensures that the author of the payment is really you, and not a fraudster.
This step is not necessary for every online payment, only when the merchant requires it.

How does it work?

After entering your Sogexia card information on the website of a merchant requesting 3D Secure, your web browser will redirect you to the following page:


To validate the payment, you will then need to connect to your Sogexia online account (using the mobile application or by opening a new tab on your web browser*).

*if you choose to log into your Sogexia account from your web browser, be careful to do so by opening a new tab. Do not close the merchant's website otherwise the payment will not be taken into account.

Once connected, a page will appear asking you to validate or refuse the payment (example below):


By clicking on "Confirm", a new page will load on which you will have to enter a code received by SMS (example below):


If the code entered is correct, your payment will be validated.

You will then be able to return to the merchant's website to finalise your purchase.

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