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I have cancelled a payment but I have still not been refunded, what can I do?

If the refund is displayed in your transaction history but not reflected in your account balance, click here.


When you make a payment in a point of sale, the merchant sends us an authorisation request. The amount of the authorisation request is immediately debited from your account and the "pending" icon:   appears next to the amount of the transaction in your transaction history. The transaction is marked as pending until our system receives the confirmation message from the merchant following the authorisation request. It may take up to 30 days until we receive the confirmation message. After that, if we haven’t received the confirmation the transaction will be automatically cancelled and your account credited back within 24H.

If you have cancelled a payment, there are 2 possibilities:

1) The merchant has not already sent the confirmation message yet

In this case, to cancel the payment the merchant must reverse his authorisation request via its terminal. Once the reversal has been sent to us, your account is credited back immediately.

However, most of the time when a customer cancels a payment, the merchant doesn’t reverse the authorisation request. In this case, the amount will be credited back on your account after 30 days (once the authorisation request has expired).

If you want to accelerate this process, please ask the merchant to reverse his authorisation request so that the refund can be credited back immediately to your account.

2) The merchant has already sent the confirmation message

In this case, the only solution for you to receive a refund is to ask the merchant refund the amount of the transaction to your account directly from his payment terminal. 2 to 3 working days are necessary to take into account the refund.

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