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How to reject a direct debit?

You want to reject a direct debit less than 2 months old:

  1. Login to your online account.
  2. Click on the Direct Debits tab in the menu.
  3. Then click on Dispute the transaction in front of the direct debit you want to dispute.

The amount of this transaction will be credited back on your account if it has already been debited and your creditor won’t be paid. We invite you to inform your creditor of your refund request ASAP.
Your request is irrevocable.

Warning: if your refund request is not justified, your creditor can invoice you penalty fees.

Note: We inform you that recurrent rejection of direct debits due to an insufficient balance could be considered as an irregular use of your account and may result in the closing of your account.

You want to reject a direct debit more than 2 months old:
The Dispute the transaction button is no longer available on your online account.
The only legal reason allowing you to dispute the transaction is if you don’t have authorised the direct debit (for example: if you haven’t signed the direct debit mandate authorising the creditor to debit your account, or if the mandate has expired or has been cancelled).

If this is the case, please contact the customer service and give us as much details as you can (reason of the dispute, copy of the cancellation of the mandate, etc.).

We will contact the bank of your creditor and reimburse the funds if the dispute is justified.

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