What security measures are guaranteed with my VirtualPay account?

3D Secure

The 3D Secure protocol can be activated from your back office. It ensures that the buyer is the holder of the credit/debit card used for the transaction.
Therefore, refunds (chargebacks) are efficiently mitigated and you avoid the resulting significant costs.


You can effectively protect your payment application against fraud from your back office by adjusting, for example, the bank identification numbers (BINs), the number of transactions allowed per customer over a certain period or duplicate purchases.


Your transactions are verified against global blacklists of fraudulent card numbers. You can even configure your own blacklist from your back office.


Our systems are fully certified PCI-DSS Level 1. We guarantee the highest level of security and data integrity. We manage your information and payment data, allowing you to start accepting online payments even faster without any required certification from your side if you use our customised and configurable COPYandPAY payment module.

Data encryption

We use HTTPS with 256-bit encryption on all Sogexia web pages as well as on the back office and APIs. In addition, we regularly update our security certificates and our encryption algorithms.

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