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How can I dispute a transaction made with my card?

You can dispute a transaction made with your card in the following cases:

  • If you did not make the transaction. You then have 13 months after the debit date to contest the transaction.
  • Or if you made the transaction but the amount debited exceeds the one you expected (amount not known in advance). You then have eight weeks after the debit date to contest the transaction.

In all cases, in order to contest a transaction, please send us by email:

  • A copy of the complaint filed with the police.
  • And a signed complaint letter including,
    • the card reference (SIM code on the back)
    • the date and time of the cancellation
    • the list of disputed transactions with the merchant names, dates and amounts
    • and confirm whether you are still in possession of the card or not

After investigation, the incorrect debit(s) will be refunded if the complaint is legitimate.

If you did not carry out the transaction, request the immediate cancellation of your card as soon as you see the unauthorised transaction.

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